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Young Storytellers & Scriptwriting

EVERYBODY has a story to tell– what’s yours? This class is designed to spark creative self-discovery and imagination through story-telling. Originality and individuality are things to be celebrated– it’s what makes each of us unique. This class encourages young people to explore the impact their own unique voice can have in the world. Students will learn about the core elements of story including character fundamentals, creating a setting, and the importance of story goals. Learners will write a short 3-5 page script, create a movie poster, and enjoy a live reading of their story at the last class. Expressing themselves through storytelling reinforces confidence, empathy, and personal voice through self-reflection. In this camp, YOU get to be the hero of your own story! Raise your voice and let’s get writing!

REQUIREMENT: please bring a one-subject spiral notebook to class to use for story notes and writing.

Ages: 10+yo.

Teacher: Erika F.

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