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About Us

We are a learning and resource center for homeschooled and hybrid schooled students and their parents for ages 4 through high school with some Mommy & Me classes for our youngest students.  We even sometimes offer classes for adults and parents love to attend those! Check out our schedules for tons of hands-on, interactive, project-based, small group classes.  We enjoy having social activities and fieldtrips as well in a nurturing and fun environment to cultivate life-long friendships and community.

We are offering in-person classes and also a lot of live Zoom courses with amazing teachers so classes are available to students across our local cities as well as nationally and internationally.  The homeschool community that is present at each of the physical locations in Santa Clarita and San Fernando Valleys is what keeps everyone wanting to come back for more fun!  Usually, our students are bummed out when we have a break in classes for summer or winter breaks, and so are the teachers! 

We want our classes to cultivate the enjoyment and love of learning, which is so natural for children and we work hard on establishing that with loving, kind, respectful teachers, who care about each child.  We work hard to nurture students into well-rounded young adults by paying attention to not just academics, but also social and emotional well-being. We employ discussions with students to see what they’re interested in learning about and focus on helping them grow in true inner happiness by equipping them with skills that can only come when teachers truly love and care for their students and work as partners with parents. 

At Learn Beyond The Book, we are deeply committed to fostering an environment that is intentionally inclusive and respectful of different backgrounds, beliefs, and perspectives. We believe that diversity in race, religion, politics, and other matters enriches our community.

Our doors are open to everyone, including those navigating neurodiversity in the classroom. While we are often able to support students’ needs, with our current resources and staff, we cannot fully accommodate all levels of neurodiversity. Occasionally, we will need to make a different recommendation for students with social challenges or challenges with structure. Neurodiversity is welcomed in a person-centered way, just as we do with all our students, recognizing everyone as unique individuals with dreams, talents, ideas, and challenges and we work hard to make sure every class is the best fit for every student. 

We encourage respectful exchanges of ideas and the sharing of diverse perspectives, as we work together to build a community that uplifts all its members. We invite you to join us in this enriching journey, working side by side to foster a space of growth, understanding, and mutual respect. We look forward to you being part of our community!

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