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One of the many emails from parents:

I had Tyler’s parent/ teacher conference and he had such rave reviews!!! I can’t thank you enough for the start that Learn Beyond the Book gave him. He’s reading above grade (by 2 grades) and spelling too! He has no math anxiety because he knows the CONCEPTS!!!! He is excelling and I know it’s because he had a great start!!!

A few reviews copied from our Facebook 5 star ratings:

“Learn Beyond the Book is amazing. My kids have learned so much and have gained a lot of confidence. We started here as a temporary solution but loved it so much that we decided to continue. The unique classes like Video Game Design and Ancient History Theatre make my kids excited to go every time. The teaching approach is successful in that the classes are small and each child gets the proper amount of attention. Highly recommend!”

“LBB has been the most amazing, incredible experience for my son. He went from being bored and unchallenged educationally at public school, to studying with teachers who are passionate, creative and inspiring. Every one of the teachers my kid has had throughout the years at LBB has been great.

The education my son has received has been nothing short of stellar. Whether it’s advanced math, debating ethics and philosophy, or learning to build a drone, my son now feels ready to confidently tackle AP classes at the high school level.
Elmarie is both the strength and the giant heart of the school — the kids feel safe and cared for under her watchful eye. Jonny is a true inspiration and role model, demonstrating and instilling the joy of learning in the students.
I can never give enough thanks to the marvelous instructors for their hard work and dedication, and most of all to Elmarie and Jonny for their deep caring and concern for the kids. They’ve made a real difference in our lives.”

“This is the best place for any off-site classes…. Only place that I have felt completely accepted with all my kids and the one place I feel totally at home at. Thank you to the wonderful staff…. And awesome parents…..”

“This has been the only place I’ve felt comfortable having my son take classes. The staff is so supportive and all-inclusive.”

Taken from anonymous surveys as well as parents and students who wrote in to leave testimonials:

“It’s been so nice having this drop off option with fun classes.”

“She loves it and wishes she could come every day.”

“The kids are having a great experience :)”

“My daughter attended LBTB from from the time she was 9. She is is now a dual enrollment student in college who started at the age of 12 and is now 14. The reason she has excelled in college at such an early age is in large part because of the skills she learned and the classes she took at LBTB. She discovered her love of coding and Japanese here and continues to pursue them in college. She found social, educational, and life skills at LBTB; skills that she will use to become a successful adult one day. LBTB’s selection of classes allows all students to succeed and discover their talents in a non-pressure environment that encourages self discovery, curiosity for new challenges, and independence. You can’t go wrong with academic, art, technology, and life skill classes at LBTB.” – Amri, Parent

“Over the past couple of years, I have had my two boys enrolled at Learn Beyond the Book. We have done a PSA for the past 17 years, but my boys needed a little more than what I could give them as they got older. My son Joshua was able to work with one of the best math teachers I’ve ever seen as an educator. Kirk Wantanabe is an excellent teacher. Joshua also excelled under the tutelage of Mackenzie Bradford, research writing instructor,  who taught him on his level. The great thing about LBB, is they will meet your child where they are, and teach them as an individual even though they are in a group setting. My son Michael has always been very shy. Learn Beyond The Book really helped him to step out of his shell. His teacher, Elizabeth Scott, describes a Michael to me that I am not very familiar with as his mother – a Michael that participates in class, shares his thoughts, and has become an excellent writer. Michael has also taken Math with Kirk Wantanabe, and grasped mathematical concepts that I was unable to teach him. 
Our experience with Learn Beyond the Book has been exemplary. Michael will continue taking some classes this fall, while Joshua has now finished  his secondary education, and been accepted to engineering  school. He could not have done it without the help and leadership of his fine teachers at LBB. 
I highly recommend LBB to anyone who is looking for a place where children truly can truly learn, FAR beyond the book. Education is not about finding and finishing a book, rather, it is about finding a way for your child to learn, and experience the greatest adventure of their lives. LBB will take you on that journey, and offer you not just an education,  but an experience.” – Claire Guthrie

My experience at Learn Beyond the Book has been great!   I’ve learned a lot and the people I met are very friendly.  I actually met one of my close friends there. 
One of the classes I took was public speaking. Even though it wasn’t my choice to take that class, the teacher made it a fun and positive atmosphere. That class taught me a lot about speeches, how to write them, and properly present them. That class helped me become more comfortable with speaking in public.  Another class I took was astronomy and although I didn’t know much about the topic my teacher was very helpful.  He explained everything really well and taught in a lively manner. Anything that seemed complicated, he would put it in a way that was easy to understand. I’m thankful that I took that class. It was interesting to learn what is out there beyond our world. I’m looking forward to taking more classes! – Hanna Samson