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Staff – Summer & Fall 2020

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Elmarie Hyman – Founder, Executive Director, and Math, Economics & Entrepreneurship instructor

Elmarie is the owner of Learn Beyond The Book and has more than 20 years experience as an educator.  She has taught her own 4 children (currently ranging in age from 10th grade to college), as well as group classes for homeschoolers and after school enrichment classes for public school students. She also has experience tutoring and has been a speaker at various homeschool seminars and conventions.  She has been the coordinator of various homeschool co-ops and support groups, organizing numerous fieldtrips and other homeschool events as well.  Before she started teaching, she obtained a degree in Accounting and worked as an accountant and auditor for years. She has a passion for education, and strives to accomplish that goal through means that go way beyond the textbook.  She loves using projects, games, and hands-on learning while teaching, which is evident in the classes that she offers, as well as in the Where’s the Money curriculum she developed for teaching Economics, Finance, and Entrepreneurship.

Lisa Creahan – Manager & Music and Geography teacher

Born in Alaska and raised in Taiwan, the Philippines and Florida, Lisa grew up singing in choirs, bands and musicals. She received her BFA in Musical Theatre Performance from Roosevelt University in Chicago, where she was fortunate to perform with some great theaters. She put professional performance on the back burner to raise her two beautiful children. After moving to Los Angeles, she returned to music with acoustic sets and vocal recordings, many of which have been featured on TV. Bring it on Home to Me was featured on 90210 with Keaton Simons and Nothing Can Change this Love was featured on TV’s Arrow. She is thrilled to be working in music again. To see more about Lisa’s singing career, feel free to check out her website: lisacreahan.com

Aimee Ibarra – Manager

Aimee is a veteran homeschool mom with several grown and married children as well as 2 that she still currently homeschools. She also is a health & wellness coach when she is not helping everyone at the front desk.

Annalia Alba - Musical Theater & Songwriting

Annalia Alba is a Pop Artist, Songwriter, and Dance Instructor. She has been dancing since she was 4 years old and teaching since she was fresh out of high school. She has been writing songs since her junior year of high school. Since age 18 she has been training and choreographing for multiple competition/performance dance teams. She has a very versatile training background including Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Fusion, Musical Theater, Swing, Break dancing, Acting and Theater Improvisation, Singing, Songwriting, and Piano/Guitar. She has taught all ages, ranging from 2 years old to 16 years old, as well as all levels/abilities, including those with learning disabilities.

Annalia grew up performing as an actress, singer and dancer in Los Angeles, CA. She trained under famous choreographers and was immersed in the entertainment industry from a young age. She had amazing performance opportunities, like dancing for Nigel Lythgoe (producer and judge for SYTYCD) at several charity events, performing in a Nickelodeon movie with Justin Bieber as a dancer, singing at the House of Blues on Sunset Blvd, dancing in Choreographer's Ball Carnival and was a background dancer for up and coming LA Pop Artists.

She later attended Belmont University in Nashville, TN and earned a Bachelor's Degree in Entertainment Industry Studies with a minor in Music Business, all while working full time teaching competitive dance teams.

She is currently pursuing a career in pop music and after all her years of training and performing, she discovered her love for teaching as well. Seeing children learn and improve under her instruction is very rewarding to her!

You can check out her music releases on Spotify under ANNALIA.

Susan Beaty

Susan Beaty - Piano Lessons - Santa Clarita

  Susan grew up in Southern California and has been playing piano since the age of 6. She received her education from UCLA, earning a degree in Music Education. Starting small while raising her 4 daughters, she now maintains a private studio and has for over 30 years, averaging 35-40 students.

She is an active member of the Music Teachers’ Association of California (MTAC) and offers her students the Certificate of Merit®  testing program. She also holds a position on the CM Council and helps to run the program throughout the state.

Susan is also a member of the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) which allows her to offer her students even more testing and performing opportunities.One of the things Susan enjoys most about teaching piano is that each student is different, with unique capabilities and challenges. Her goal is to instill a lifelong love for listening and making music in all of her students.


AJ Bondio - World Building & Art

AJ Bondio has earned his Fourth Degree Master Black Belt and has trained for the past 13 years under Grandmaster Dennis Ichikawa. He has been a lead instructor for four years and co-instructor for five years before that. AJ was a homeschooler himself and loves teaching!

AJ also loves art and has been professionally working as an artist since graduation.

AJ is also a professional juggler and has been juggling for four years. He has taught juggling for two years. He has worked at private parties and performed at variety shows. He also performs object balancing and plate spinning.

Sarah Bonham - Science & History

Sarah is a homeschool mom to two girls with an enthusiastic eye for Science. In her former life (before kids) she was a collegiate rower with a scholarship that helped her obtain her B.S.in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Fitness, Health and Nutrition. She spent a year on a Study Abroad program in both Scotland and Australia. She cannot wait to share her love of science with your children!


Meredith Boyle - STEAM around the World, Poetry&Grammar, and Debate&Persuasive Writing

Meredith is the mother of four young children and loves learning. She studied Writing and got a BA in Creative Writing from Arizona State. She is and has always loved how writing and books cover every subject known to man. Before plunging into the crucible of motherhood and beginning homeschooling her own children, she worked tutoring Math and English to High school and Junior High students, taught part-time as a Mad Science instructor, sold fabric, and put together an office training manual.

Chris Bradfield - Computer Programming with Python & 3D Printing, Programming Arduinos

Chris is an Internet and game industry veteran with over 20 years of experience in software and technology.  During that time he has worked as a developer, engineer and manager for a number of technology startups.  He is a strong believer in the value of learning to program and he founded KidsCanCode in 2013 with that mission.  He teaches after school and summer classes for kids of all ages and experience levels.

Mackenzie Bradford - Math, Science, American Sign Language & Storytelling with D&D

Mackenzie has been teaching sense age 15 and enjoys working with kids of all ages. She has also spent time working at a community theater as a lighting designer. She also has her second degree black belt in mixed martial arts. Mackenzie can't wait to start teaching next semester and is excited for all her classes

Becky Castells - Dance Fitness

Originally from the east coast, Becky majored in dance, (ballet and jazz concentration) at Point Park University in Pittsburgh, PA, graduating Cum Laude. She also studied with the Hungarian Ballet in Budapest, Hungary, and was a principal dancer in the Chester County Ballet Company in Pennsylvania, the Hollywood Ballet Company, and the Donlavy Dance Company in Los Angeles. Becky is a member of the Screen Actor’s Guild and has appeared in numerous commercials, TV shows, movies, and music videos. She has performed as a professional dancer all over the U.S. and abroad in countless shows of every type, from modern dance to magic - and everywhere in between. In addition to dance and acting, Becky has enjoyed a long and decorated career as a choreographer, and has had the opportunity to choreograph in many different genres, from TV and Film to Musical Theater. Becky has been the proud recipient of several stagesceneLA Scenie Awards over the years, including Choreographer of the Year, Best Choreography, and Outstanding Choreography in Multiple Productions, and was honored by the Simi Valley Cultural Association as Ventura County’s 2016 Artist of the Year. In addition, Becky has been a highly regarded dance teacher for 20 years, specializing in ballet, pointe, lyrical, jazz, musical theater, tap, and ballroom.

Kris Chase - Beginning & Intermediate Band Club

Kris has a bachelor’s degree in music from the University of Wisconsin – Platteville. She also trained and worked as a band instrument repair technician in Milwaukee, WI. She retired from the U.S. Army after 20 years of active and reserve service in military intelligence. Kris is a homeschool mom and lives in Canyon Country with her husband and daughter.

Andrea Coane - Reading Comprehension & Math through Stories


Andrea Coane is a fully credentialed teacher with the California CTC. After earning a BA in Political Science and then a JD from Florida State University in 2000, she discovered the joys of teaching as a substitute teacher for Glendale Unified and went on to earn her teaching credential. This led to ten years as an elementary school teacher for the Los Angeles Unified School District. In addition to her work with the district, Andrea has conducted summer enrichment, developed and taught physical science for children in the community, coordinated field trips for families, and tutored privately. During both group sessions and individualized instruction, Andrea facilitates learning through active engagement with the subject matter so students may develop a deeper understanding of abstract principles. With the use of manipulatives, environmental observation, music, movement, and discussion, Andrea is always determined to find a way for her students to develop mastery of a given curriculum and to develop a lifelong love of learning!

Brooke Coulter

 Brooklyne Coulter - Middle and High School Science & Labs

My name is Ms. Coulter, or Ms. C if you prefer.  I am an CA credentialed educator originally from Colorado, now residing in sunny Southern California.  Why would you leave Colorado you might ask?  The answer is simple, my daughter was bitten by the acting bug, so here we are!  My original training was as a scientist and I have degrees in Cell and Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, a Masters in Molecular Virology, and a Masters in Science Education.  I worked for the USDA and National Geographic and though research was super interesting, I prefer to interact with students!  If I'm not on set, I spend as much time outdoors as possible.  I also like to read and play board/card games. Excited to share the awesome world of science with your student!

Alicia Danielle pic

Alicia Danielle - Nutrition & Cooking Workshops, Ten to Zen & Yoga

Alicia is a holistic nutritionist who loves to work with kids and adults and teach them how to cook healthy meals.  Here is her website: http://www.nourishedbyalicia.com/about-us.html

Erin Donovan - History, Civics, Philosophy, and Anthropology

Erin has a terminal degree, CA credential, a Masters in Applied Anthropology (masters plus 40) and has taught US and World History as well as Cultural Anthropology, Biological Anthropology with Lab, Archaeology, Indians of North America, Women and Anthropology etc. for 20 years, in schools and colleges.

Erika F. - Growth Mindset, Literature classes & Young Story Writers Erika has ten years of personalized experience in education with homeschooling and is continuing her support of alternative learning through her unique classes at Learn Beyond the Book. She completed a Writing Certificate Program through UCLA Extension and shared her love for writing as she mentored children in Los Angeles schools through the Young Storytellers Foundation. Erika demonstrates her passion for children and learning by developing a safe space in her classes for kids to open up their imaginations and CREATE, while also working to steadily build personal and academic confidence in their work.

 Sanae Glover - Japanese

Konnichiwa! (hello in Japanese)

I am originally from Yokohama, Japan. I moved to California in 2006 to study TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) at California State University, Los Angeles. I am an experienced teacher with a B.A in English/American Literature from Sagami Women’s University in Japan, and a Master’s degree in Education from California State University, Los Angeles. I was previously a middle school English teacher in Japan and have been a Japanese teacher in Los Angeles since 2013.  I love teaching both English and Japanese to any age, and any levels. My teaching style is ‘learning the language by using it!’ with a variety of hands-on activities. In my class, students will learn not only the language, but the culture as well.

Camryn Good - Art & Painting

Earning his associate degree while in high school, Camryn Good dedicates his career to academics. He enjoys working with young kids and teaching about how art intersects with academic subjects. He has a fascination with art history, which he studies in his spare time. He also has been an avid oil painter since age 17- his favorite art style is impressionism and he enjoys painting portraits. He hopes to enrich the creativity of his students whilst also connecting art to modern culture.

Autumn Harding Art, English, Science, Computer Skills & Literature

Hello my name is Autumn, I’m an artist, specializing in Fine arts as well as mix media, and digital arts. I do many things ranging from drawing, painting, photography, collage, and so much more. I’ve focused on many different design elements achieving awards for my arts as well as portrait photography.  I have also always loved English & Science.  I have plenty of experience working with large groups of children. My teaching style is focusing on how students express themselves individually so that I can help tailor how different subjects are received by each student.

Chase Harding - Art, Digital Arts, Videogame Design, History & Math

Hello my name is Chase, I’m a graphic designer by trade. Ever since I was younger I have had a craving for creativity and would surround myself with inspiration. I’ve tried my best to learn all I can, from being a self taught special fx makeup artist to animating commercials, and doing product photography for Amazon. I strive everyday to learn something new and put my talents to good use. I have found that one of my true joys in being artistic is sharing the knowledge I have to other people so they can achieve their creative vision, especially if they don’t know what it is.

Lynn Hayes - Shakespeare for Kids & Literary Analysis

Before becoming a mom, Lynn Hayes was a professional theatre director in Chicago and Los Angeles, and also directed youth at both the elementary grade and college level. Lynn started two play-school groups for when her son was younger and currently leads two nature clubs for her kids who are now 5 and 9. She holds a BA in Theatre Arts from the University of Pittsburgh. Lynn uses her theatrical background to teach kids to learn with fun, hands-on, playful activities!

Nathaly Hernandez - Spanish - Santa Clarita

In her native Venezuela, Nathaly taught Biology, Chemistry, and Spanish for 14 years with a bachelor's degree in Education specializing in Biology and Chemistry from Universidad Catolica del Tachira. UCAT. She moved to the United States in 2015 and has been steadfast in continuing her career here. With a love for knowledge and a passion for imparting it, Nathaly proudly shares her heritage and language in her lessons.


Marie Johnson Lafranque - History, Science, Literature, Math, Art

Marie Lafranque is a second generation homeschooler originating from France. She has worked with children her whole life, both as a Nanny and as a Tutor, and has a BS degree in Psychology from Loyola University in Chicago. She loves teaching and is always looking for new subjects to get the kids interested in. From French to Art and History, while sneaking in some Math and Science, every subject is brought to life with the interest of the children in mind. Hands on and fun, Marie is known for her quick bursts of focused learning, followed by creative activities that allow children's brains to rest and soak up the information that was just given.

Caid Jones - Piano & Violin lessons

Caid Jones is a fiddler/violinist from Eagle, Idaho – just an hour away from the fiddling capitol of the nation. He grew up playing American folk tunes, classical piano, competing in Texas Style fiddle contests, and traveling all over the country to perform and learn at folk music festivals. He received his Bachelors and Masters degrees in classical and contemporary violin performance from the California Institute of the Arts in Santa Clarita, California. Caid has a passion for teaching, and has taught at summer camps across the US, but calls Los Angeles his home-base, which is where he spends his time helping people of all ages challenge themselves, develop confidence, and learn to master an instrument.

Tiffany Lamb - PE, Social Studies, Nutrition


Tiffany is passionate about teaching kids how their bodies work, while showing them how to make fitness fun for life. As a certified personal trainer and licensed massage therapist, she believes getting in tune with their bodies gives kids so much confidence. As a homeschooling mother of two, she knows it takes a lot of patience and compassion to guide kids through life and learning opportunities both in the classroom and out of it. She is excited about the subjects she teaches and like to share that joy with her students.

Laura picture

Laura Lanoil - Theater, Theater Games and Musical Theater

Laura Lanoil has worked in Film, TV and Commercials as well as Voice-overs and live theatre. She worked with Robert Altman,Anthony Newley Jane Curtain, Jon Cryer, Tyne Daly,Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon to name a few. She has taught at the Canyon Theatre Guild for eight years. She has performed at the local theatres in the Santa Clarita Valley.Teaching kids and giving them tools for self esteem is a great passion and she feels blessed to have the opportunity to be a part of SCV Theatre Community.

Chloe Levaillant - Singing, French conversations, Kitchen Chemistry

Chloe Levaillant is a French-British multidisciplinary artist, composer, and vocalist. Currently based in Los Angeles, she was born in London and spent the early part of her childhood in England before moving to France where she studied opera at the Conservatoire Darius Milhaud in Aix en Provence. She later received a BA in Contemporary Performance Practice at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow and an MA in VoiceArts at California Institute of the Arts. As an artist, she brings together her wide ranging interests and experience in dance, choreographic movement and visual arts as she engages with work that is personal, and thought-provoking. As a teacher and facilitator her goal is to help others to find their authentic voice and vehicle for expression, to use art and creativity as an educational tool and to share the knowledge that was passed down to her by her teachers in a context of mutual learning.


Josh Mann - Creative Writing, Improv & Theater Games, and Short Stories & Literature


Josh has extensive experience tutoring and teaching at many private schools in the Los Angeles area for the past six years, including, Campbell Hall, Windward, New Roads, New Community Jewish High School (de Toledo), Bridges Academy, Urban Homeschoolers and Westmark. He has also tutored students who attended Pierce College, CSUN, Harvard Westlake, Brentwood, and Crespi. He has taught literature, creative writing, life skills, drama, film, and Shakespeare classes to students of all ages.  He specializes in helping students who have learning disabilities and behavior challenges, such as Dyslexia, Autism, ADD, and Aspergers syndrome. Josh also incorporates life coaching skills into his process of working with students, in order to assist with organization, scheduling, executive functioning, time management, social skill improvement, and motivation. He also has experience teaching young children how to read and improving the reading skills of all students. Additionally, he works with students on college essay writing and SAT Preparation.  He has a B.A. from Sarah Lawrence College in writing and also studied at The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art and at Oxford University.

Michael Marchesan - Cooking, Photography, Video Production, Math & Engineering

Michael began tutoring math while studying Civil Engineering at Cal State Northridge. Upon graduating with his B.S. in the Fall of 2014, he founded Alyria Tutoring to further pursue his passion for teaching. His engineering coursework provided him with a strong background in critical-thinking & problem solving strategy with the math, physics and engineering classes he took. This gave him a practical perspective to effectively explain problems to his students in unique way. His experience as a martial arts instructor from 2008-2014 showed him the value of discipline & repetition when it comes to polishing one’s skills, and is vital to his teaching methods. Also an avid photographer, cinematographer, musician & cook, Michael’s passion in the arts as well as the sciences allows him to connect with almost any student.

Jared Meeker - Guitar, Digital Music Recording, Songwriting, Music Theory, Basics of Drumming, Math & Music

Los Angeles-based guitarist, composer, producer, educator, and author Jared Meeker has performed throughout the world, playing blues, rock, Latin, reggae, metal, R&B, funk, hip- hop, and soul. Jared graduated from California Institute of the Arts and has taught workshops at USC, UCLA, Seattle Pacific University, SUNY, Los Angeles Music Academy, Crown of the Continent, and the National Guitar Workshop. The diverse roster of artists Jared has worked with include Nate Dogg, Snoop Dogg, Myka 9, N.A.S.A. / Squeak E. Clean, Karen O, Salvador Santana (son of Carlos Santana), and Hollie Cook (daughter of Paul Cook from the Sex Pistols). Jared has released several instrumental albums of original music, and his compositions were featured in the Sundance award-winning Fuel and in Sunken City, which won best music at the Dubuque International Film Festival. He has also composed original scores for films including Take Me To Tarzana, directed by Maceo Greenburg, and Interreflections, directed by Peter Joseph. His music can also be heard on the hit television shows Dexter and Smash, as well as on various programming on MTV, Showtime, NBC, VH1, CBS, and TNT. Jared has appeared in music production video courses for Producertech and appeared in dozens of guitar, bass, and mandolin videos for Alfred Music. Jared also worked as a sound designer with Loopmasters UK to create a few award-winning sound sample libraries as well as releasing his own plugin called DejaVu by Meeker FX. He has been featured in Guitar Player and Guitar World, has written columns for Premier Guitar, and authored several books on guitar styles for Alfred Music. Read more about Jared on his website.

Doug Pfendler - Physics

Doug is a retired Lockheed Martin Aerospace engineer and has been an instructor at the Denver Technological College as well as tutoring in Colorado and at S.L.A.M Tutoriing in Sherman Oaks.  Doug continues to enjoy all the Sciences and would love to share his passion for Physics as well as Economics & Personal Finance with all our students.

Noel Rodriguez - Edifying Journeys, Social Studies, Latin American Literature, Art & Spanish Conversations

One size doesn’t fit everybody. Why should learning be any different? This is the philosophy that Noel brings to education. When you learn with Noel, you end up engaging a subject you are struggling with differently. That’s because you will have an educator with over 5 years of experience providing you a personalized approach to learning. He holds two bachelor’s degrees, one in Spanish from the University of Houston and the other in Philosophy from the University of St. Thomas.


Lizzie Scott - Math & Logic Games & High School Literature and Composition (2 levels), Psychology

Dr. Lizzie Scott is an enthusiastic and experienced teacher who has expertise in math, language arts, and psychology.  Her classes incorporate discussions, games, and activities tailored to each student’s personality, strengths, and challenges. Lizzie holds a B. A. in Psychology (with a minor in English), a M. S. in Counseling, and a PhD in Positive Psychology.  With experience in both the traditional classroom and small-group settings, Lizzie connects with her students as a group and as individuals, and works to build a supportive learning environment, and take the educational experience to a deeper level. As a member of Mensa and a game enthusiast, Lizzie has strong mathematical and logical skills as well, and uses games and fun activities to help students enjoy what they are learning and to bring out creativity and connection.  Lizzie creates classes that are exciting for those who already enjoy the subjects she teaches, engaging for those who tend to find the topics challenging, and fun for all!

AshlynAshlyn Setterfield Devlin - Drawing and Mixed Media Art

Ashlyn Setterfield is a watercolor artist & children's illustrator with a personal background in homeschooling. A few years ago, she moved to California from British Columbia, Canada where she had been working as an art teacher since 2007. She attended Vancouver Island School of Art, and, though her primary focus is in watercolors, she enjoys working in almost every medium! She also worked as an illustrator and an art teacher for after-school-enrichment programs in public schools. She has since moved back to Canada, gotten married, and is enjoying being a mom. Thanks to virtual classes on Zoom she can now teach with us again and is excited about that! For examples of her work,please click here

Elizabeth Seward - Waldorf Knitting & Hand Sewing and Embroidery, Spinning & Weaving & Waldorf Math Games

Elizabeth Seward, PhD has been a teacher in private and public Waldorf schools for 30 years. She delights in teaching handwork to homeschool groups, charter school students, parents, and teachers, and in sharing the enlivening and successful Waldorf curriculum. Elizabeth has been knitting for over 50 years, was a contributing editor to Living Crafts magazine, and is the author of the new book Teaching Through Stories: Jane and Jeremy Learn to Knit.

Jackie Sheer-birney - Introduction to Botany, Multicultural literature & Math & Movement

Jackie Scheer-Birney, is a mother of 2 homeschooled boys ages 4 and 6. She is a Chicago native who currently resides in LA. She became passionate about home education and individualized learning after becoming a mother and witnessing how both of her children had unique learning needs that could never bet met in a public school. Jackie loves teaching not only her own children, but all children because she finds it so rewarding to watch them learn and grow. With a background in science education, having worked at SciTech Museum in Aurora, IL for a total of 2 years, she is experienced in helping kids discover the world around them. She also gained past experience working with children as an acting coach, and theater director for 5 years. Dedicated to making learning fun, Jackie has the utmost patience with children and teaches them through activities and hands on learning, keeping the students engaged with her energetic teaching approach.


Terri Stair – Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) Writing Classes, Grammar Classes, and Individual Personalized Tutoring, Accredited Instructor for the Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW)

Graduating with a Bachelor of Science from California State University, Northridge and high honors from the UCLA Paralegal Program, Terri enjoyed a decade in the world of litigation. However, her desire to preserve her children’s love of learning lured her into an unexpected adventure, home schooling. While teaching a home school group class, she was surprised to discover it was a blast! As author and illustrator of “The STAIR WAY to My Secret Recipes for Making Grammar Fun and Easy,” Terri is reaching beyond the classroom to encourage parents, teachers, and students with the clever and whimsical posters and props she created to transform grammar from boring and bewildering to amusing and understandable!  Visit www.thestairwaytogrammar.com to learn more.

Terri is a Certified Instructor for the Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW), and she delights in equipping students to listen, speak, read, write, and think the IEW way.  After a three day IEW summer camp, a shy student’s note exclaimed, “I am so glad I took this class...it made writing a lot more fun and ENJOYABLE! This class was EPIC!” (Emphasis added by student.)  A busy mom wrote, “She (her daughter) has really come to love writing in just these three days. I am so thankful...!” Terri’s enthusiasm for teaching grows every time her students overcome their apprehensions about writing and become confident communicators.

211024 FYC Screening

Kim Turney - Video Game Design, Minecraft Mods Programming & Social Studies through Minecraft 

Kim received her bachelor's and master's degrees in Theater and Acting from Ohio State University.  She has tons of teaching, theater and acting experience, which you can read more about at this link.In recent years, she has enjoyed working with children learning computer programming and Lego Robotics.  Minecraft is a personal favorite.  Kim knows how to connect with students and bring out the best in them!

Gabriela Viramontes - Yoga, Nature & Community Relationships with Spanish, Play-based Spanish Immersion

Hello, my name is Gabriela. I am a yoga teacher, early childhood educator, and a life-long student to the world that surrounds me. As a teacher who works with young children, I aim to provide my students with opportunities to learn and develop their own path of individualized growth. I do this by providing children with support, hands-on experiences, and allowing them to choose the courses of action we take through discovery-based education.

I began studying Early Childhood Education in 2012 at Antelope Valley College and began my Yoga journey in 2013. It has become a positive supplement in my life which I hope to share in any way I can. I am a Yoga instructor in training and continue to study under Kathy Bingham at Antelope Valley College.



Kirk Watanabe - Math & SAT/ACT Test Prep 


Kirk has been teaching and tutoring in Math since high school and more recently has taught many SAT & ACT Prep courses.  He has been the Manager of Instruction for Catalyst Prep where he taught all different subjects.  He is excited to join us in the Math program as well as offering test prep courses.

marthazittelMartha Zittel - History, Science & Language Unit Studies

Martha Zittel was born and raised in Mexico City where she earned her BA in Industrial Design. In the United States she worked for many years in the Aerospace Industry, but she found that exploring her artistic vein was her passion and her path. She likes to work with all kinds of materials and techniques to create bi-dimensional and tridimensional art. She married a professional Illustrator and both she and her husband homeschool their two daughters who share their love for creativity. Martha has been teaching for over 25 years to populations ranging from At-Risk-Youth at an inner city school, working with both outpatients and clinicians in a mental health clinic, and with groups of mothers and homeschoolers. She loves working with kids and is constantly inspired by their fearlessness in expressing themselves. She is a Certified Yoga Teacher, a Meditation facilitator, Certified Massage Therapist, and Doula. In her spare time, Martha is an avid reader, a World traveler, a closet writer and a doll maker.
Michael Zittel - Comic Book Art

Mike Zittel has his Bachelors in Fine Arts, and published his first comic book while in college. He worked for 10 years doing comics, story boards and concept art, wining a Xeric Award for self publishing writer/artists. He spent a decade as a senior illustrator creating key art in the advertising industry.