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Homeschool Social Events, Fieldtrips, and Calendar

At Learn Beyond The Book, community building is one of the most important parts of what we want to encourage. Everyone who homeschools needs to have a good community around them and our values of inclusivity, kindness, respect, and mutual care are well-known amongst our families. We create safe spaces in classes for students to learn without judgment, ridicule, and bullying and we love to grow our community ties by doing multiple social events and field trips with each other.

Don’t miss out on any fieldtrips or social events! Below is the link to our calendar with all the social events and trips. Feel free to RSVP by clicking on any of the hyperlinks, which will lead you to Meetup, where you can create a free account or log in and see all the details of our upcoming events available to you. 

We look forward to seeing you at the next event!

Upcoming Events