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Creativity & Art Instruction

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What comes to mind when you hear the word “creativity”? Until not too long ago, it was a word that denoted something to me that I believed I didn’t possess. I remember wishing that I was good at art and to me that was creativity. I think most people when they hear the word might think of the arts – visual arts and performing arts, but creativity is so much more! It is the out-of-the-box thinking that we need so desperately, it is coming up with creative solutions to problems, even as an engineer or programmer, it is, as my good friend, Elizabeth Rydall, helped me discover, coming up with activities and learning opportunities for children, which is what I do all day and creativity is so much more! I remember the day that I was telling her that I wished I was creative and she was astounded by the comment because she, a brilliant artist, already understood that creativity is so much broader than the arts. I was so happy for her insights that day! 

She has been an amazing art teacher to my own children and now she teaches awesome art classes at Learn Beyond The Book and also create her own beautiful art. See her short video about her classes to the left. Learn Beyond The Book offers so many other forms of art and other creative classes as well. Creativity is really written all over all our courses and in everything we do.

Creativity is encouraged and runs like a golden thread through all our classes, but some other classes that might interest those with some specific interest in the arts would be the Cartooning with Lena Harbali, or the in-person art courses with AJ Bondio or Zach Robinson. Then there is the video production class or phone photography with Michael Marchesan (see the video on the right) as well as dance fitness classes with Becky Castells. Lena also teaches some fashion and textile design (video below). Maybe you would like to mix art in with something else like the Spanish & Art Projects classes or the Draw Write Now class and it’s even possible to mix in history, like the class that Camryn Good is offering with Egyptian Archeology & Art Projects or Lena’s Study History through Fashion course. Camryn is also teaching Ceramics and Oil Painting. These are just a few options. For a full list, click here for art options and here for acting & film related classes, but remember… creativity is so much more! Check out all our creative courses here.