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Classes – Spring 2021

We have sorted our classes into categories for you so it’s easier to find what you’re looking for. Please contact us with any questions.

Math & Engineering

Not as hard as it seems

How many people hate math or so they think? So many of us grew up with a fear of math because it was not explained in a supportive environment, had us constantly competing against others and made us just feel unintelligent. With our approach, students learn math in a non-threatening way and most at least feel they are able to handle it, if not really enjoy it! Also learn how to apply math in real-life settings and engineering. Click on the picture for more details.


How does that work?

That is a natural question for children and all humans to ask. Science makes us make sense of the world around us and even improve it with new technologies and inventions. We are all about creativity and learning how to use that in the pursuit of Science. Come join us for some amazing Science classes. Click on the picture for more details.

Social Studies & History

Understanding where we are and where we came from

Understanding our communities, our place in it, the diversity in it and all that comes with that, including all the history till now, taught in creative and interactive small-group classes even sometimes mixed with fun games, like Minecraft, or other board games. There is a social studies class for you! Click on the picture for more details.

Foreign Languages

Becoming citizens of the world

Not only do we always focus on honoring and learning about different cultures of the world, but we also offer several foreign languages with native speakers. We have classes in Spanish, American Sign Language, Japanese, and French. Come learn a language, no matter what level you’re at! Click on the picture for more details.

English Language Arts

The Wonder of Words

We want to inspire students to see the amazing wonder of words in the English language by helping them with everything from reading to writing and everything in between. We have many classes such as IEW Writing, Phonics, Spelling, Grammar, Poetry, and more, but all with fun and engagement mixed in so students stay engaged while learning. Click on the picture to find out more.


Fit for Life

We all know the importance of exercise and it’s important to teach it to children from a young age. We often combine it with other subjects as well to create an even richer experience, for example in our Math & Movement classes. Yoga, dance, or regular PE exercises, find them all by clicking on the picture.

Life Skills, Emotional Intelligence & Personal Development Classes

Essential for life

Life skills and emotional intelligence are as important as academic knowledge in today’s changing world. Click on the picture for a list of classes including cooking workshops, sewing, knitting, personal development, well-being, growth mindset, mindfulness unit studies, and more.

Technology & Programming

Modding and more

Learn how to create your own video games or study world leaders with the help of the amazing game of Minecraft. Study more about how to use Google software or creates some cool mods in Minecraft. Click on the picture for more details.

Theater, Film & Performing Arts classes

More than just acting

When we hear the word theater, we think of a fun, relaxing evening out watching a story unfold in front of our eyes or maybe we think of the actors, but a theater class entails so much more and teaches important life skills, such as thinking on your feet, learning to see things from another perspective, public speaking skills and so much more. Click the picture for a list of classes from Comedy Club to individual private acting coaching through auditions.

Art, Digital Art & Film

More than meets the eye

Create your own Youtube videos, become a pro in phone photography, work on a yearbook while learning Photoshop, create amazing pieces of art with all different media, mix in some 3D design, poetry, and even some STEAM subjects! Click on the picture for a list of all our amazing offerings in this category and cross-curricular.

Companion College Courses

Dual-enrollment classes to earn high school & college credit at the same time

Enroll in one of the companion courses to help students complete community college courses and earn college credit. Click on the picture for more details.


“I say thank you for the music, the songs I’m singing…”

Either enroll in a small group class to learn a new instrument or electronic music production or about music in general or sign up for private music lessons in violin, guitar, piano, or voice! Click on the picture for more details.

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