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Science Fair and Science Classes for Santa Clarita Homeschoolers

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Science classes at Learn Beyond The Book are some of the most fun classes! Science, which in itself is fascinating, are made even more fun and educational with lots of hands-on experiments that students can participate in within small classrooms and in a loving and supportive environment.

I started teaching Science classes in a group setting many years ago, because I found it much more likely that I would do all the great experiments available if I had a group of kids to do it with and not just one. Then, as I thought about it more, I realized that very few scientists ever work alone. It is so frequently a group/team effort. So, it became even more important to me to have high quality Science classes available to homeschooled kids. I just love the mixture of Science with other disciplines as well, as you will notice from all our offerings.

This coming school year, I’m excited about a creative class called We Built a Zoo!, a Middle Ages/Renaissance History of Science & Art class, and classes to get students a broad overview of Science they will be tested on (if they’re in a charter) in 5th or 8th grade! We even have High School Health and Biology. For the younger crowd we offer Spongebob Academy (mostly Oceanography) as well as a unit study on Mondays that involve all the core subjects, including Science, based around Literature. You can also come explore some Physics with our Lego Robotics classes or learn all about computers in Technology, or study how light influences photography in a class. Science is just everywhere around us and as a result woven into so much of our curriculum.

To top it all, we will have a Science Fair near the end of the year which we will be preparing for all year! We will have milestones for students, so they stay on track and don’t rush to get it done at the very end.

So bring over your young enthusiastic scientists for some great learning opportunities this year!