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Welcome to Hogwarts: Language Arts & STEM through The Sorcerer’s Stone (9-13yo.)

    • This novel study for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, by J.K. Rowling, contains comprehension and analysis by chapter, using the new picture book version of the novel. It is not required but it is a good idea to have. AMAZON HAS IT FOR AROUND 22 DOLLARS.

      This study is laid out in a way that pushes students to not only become better readers and writers, but to also gain a deep understanding of major language arts concepts.

      Focus includes Point of View, Character Analysis, Figurative Language, Plot, and Theme. Students will write, re-read, analyze, work in teams, draw, seek evidence, and practice many more priceless skills through the activities provided.


      Student Chapter Work
      •Each chapter contains the following four parts.
      →True/False, Multiple Choice, or Sequencing
      →Comprehension and Analysis

       Reading Response Activities
      •One Event, Three Points of View
      •Mystery Thoughts
      •Dear Diary
      •Character Analysis Wheel
      •Character Interactions
      •Character Responses
      •Compare and Contrast: Characters
      •You vs. Character
      •Figurative Language: Similes (2 versions)
      •Figurative Language
      •Potter Personification
      •Setting: Using Imagery
      •Comic Strip
      •A Growing Problem
      •Tower of Terror
      •Book vs. Movie
      •My Book Review
      •Author’s Biography
      •Extra! Extra! Read all About it!

      Projects/Team Tasks
      •Who Said It? (focus on Point of View)
      •Chocolate Frog Cards (focus on Character Analysis)

    •  Figurative Language Acrostic Poem (focus on Figurative Language)
      •Umbrella Themes

    •  Vocabulary List
      •Three challenge words chosen per chapter

      Culminating Projects
      •Creative project options for students to complete after we read the novel.

  • Gringott’s Cart Track Challenge
  • Make a Magic Wand Challenge
    Build a Broomstick Challenge
    Create a Quidditch Pitch Challenge
    Golden Snitch Launcher Challenge
    Design a Dragon Challenge

    These STEM engineering and design challenges will bring the book to life into our class!

Ages: 9-13yo.

Teacher: Kristy Robinson

Cost: See pricing chart

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