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Tutoring Policy

Students who attend tutoring sessions at Learn Beyond the Book agree to the following policies:

Semester long students – 

Rate: $30.00/ half hour, $50.00/ hour

Students who sign up for the semester are committing to lessons for the remainder  of the term, with the total number of lessons equaling the number of weeks remaining in the term. This total number will vary depending on when the student starts the lessons.  Our full semesters are 16 weeks.

Make-up lessons: 

For the first lesson canceled with 24 hours notice, student will receive an in-person makeup lesson (contact teacher for scheduling). Any remaining cancellations will receive a short video assignment tailored to the students’ current ability/a Skype tutoring session.

Add/Drop Policy:

A student may start sessions at any point in the semester, understanding that sessions will continue for the duration of the semester.

A student may drop the sessions, without further commitment, before the 3rd scheduled session, so students have 2 sessions to make sure it is a good fit.  If they decide to drop the class during the first 2 sessions, they will still pay for the sessions attended, but not be financially committed to the whole semester.  If a student drops tutoring sessions into the 3rd week, they are still financially responsible for the tutoring sessions for the semester. 

Rescheduling may be considered with enough notice, but is dependent on instructor availability.

Single Sessions/Week-to-Week Sessions:

Rate: $35.00/ half hour, $60.00/ hour

These students will need to schedule their lessons weekly, based on tutor and room availability for that week. Once booked, there are no refunds for cancellations.