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DIY Electronics, Technology & Engineering

This class is a principally hands-on experience, where students take apart computers, learn about each component’s purpose, put them back together, and spin them up! Students also learn about various things they can do on computers and how to troubleshoot computer problems.

More so, for a large portion of the class, students will build electronics systems of their own design, learning programming in C (Arduino), soldering, circuit design, and the use of various electronics components (i.e. transistors, diodes, potentiometers, etc…).

Students will leave this class with a hands-on understanding of how to make the best use of their computers, how those computers work internally, and how the itsy-bitsy components of the internals such as RAM, memory, mother boards, hard drives, and more are designed, tested, and programmed.

Teacher: Jonny Hyman

Pricing: See Pricing Chart

Ages:  11+ yo.

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