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Survival Skills through Science & Society


This semester long course will take a look at several different survival skills and make ties to history and science.  Students will be introduced to the history behind the particular skill and different ways humans have approached the skill over time.  Additionally, the science behind the skill will be illustrated as students are taught various ways to complete the skill.  The list of skills includes: finding and purifying water, starting and tending a fire, building a shelter, navigating and reading a compass, signaling, hunting and foraging for food, cooking camp food, and various medical skills.


This course will follow a 2 week pattern where in the first week students will be given information and activities on the skill, and by the second week they will be required to complete the Skill Expert Project on the skill to share with their classmates.  Basically, the student is encouraged to become an expert on the skill in some way and provide a demonstration of the skill for others.  Students have creative freedom and can choose from any platform they wish (yes, even TikTok) and any aspect of the skill (historical or scientific or informative). 

Teacher: Brooklyne Coulter

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