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Student/Family Behavior Policy

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Student/Family Behavior Policy


We believe that positive conflict management is of the highest importance. Conflict often occurs naturally in any relationship and is a part of all of our lives. One of our goals is to help children learn the skills that empower them to interact with other children and adults in positive and respectful ways even when they have disagreements. We want children to become peaceable people! For the safety and learning enjoyment of all students, we ask the students at Learn Beyond The Book to practice a high standard of behavior, which will need parent support. The staff at Learn Beyond The Book will maintain these standards through positive reinforcement, team building activities and conflict resolution modeling.  Mutual respect, cooperation, love, and kindness between staff, parents, and students are of utmost importance at Learn Beyond the Book.



  • Speaking kind words to others; no profanity or bad words;
  • Acting in ways that build up the positive esteem of other students; no bullying, teasing, letters or jokes aimed at hurting someone’s feelings;
  • Learning to use language to express feelings and to resolve conflicts; no physical fighting;
  • Remembering to discuss topics that are age-appropriate and useful to help everyone grow;
  • Respecting other people’s bodies and personal space;
  • Being respectful and cooperative with teachers and staff.


Please remember that we are all learners here, and we need an environment that keeps learning safe and exciting for everyone.


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We follow a dress code that supports the values of respect for ourselves and others.

o T-shirts with objectionable graphics or words are not allowed.

o No underwear hanging out or cropped tops.

o Any clothing that advocates drugs, alcohol, tobacco or illegal activities are not allowed.

o No visible piercings, except for earrings.

No electronics usage, cell phones, or game devices are allowed during class times, unless instructed by a teacher.


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  • Lunch time rules:  
  1.  Eat before you play.  
  2.  Eat on a tarp or blanket to contain food debris.  
  3.  Throw away all trash, and clean up anything that messed before leaving the tarp or blanket to play.
  • No gum on campus.
  • No running or screaming in the hallway.
  • Parents will park in the designated LBB parking area back by the basketball nets.
  • The parking spots in the driveway (parallel to the classrooms) is for drive by or very quick drop off and pick up only.
  • Parents may not discipline students who are not their child. If a parent sees a problem with a student who is not their child the parent must address the problem with a LBB staff member.
  • Parents are expected to pick students up on time. Students of parents who are late will not necessarily be supervised, depending on what other duties the manager needs to attend to. Parents who are late will be charged a late fee of $5 every 15 minutes, starting at 6 minutes past the ending of class, that will be paid in cash to the manager on duty.


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For bringing weapons, we hold to a zero tolerance policy. Students will be removed by police or parent and will not be accepted back into our center. Weapons include any firearm loaded or unloaded, including air pistols or guns, knives or swords. Darts, ice picks, arrows, and any other very sharp pointed objects which could cause harm to another are not allowed.

For bringing non-prescription drugs or alcohol, illegal drugs or cigarettes into our center, there will be a one-time only warning conference with the student and parents. A second violation will result in the student not being accepted back into our center.

For physical fighting, students will be removed from the premises by their parents and released from attending all classes for two weeks with no refund of class payments. Parents and the Executive Director must agree that the child possesses the self-restraint skills to aid in producing a safe and enjoyable learning environment before the student is invited back into the center.

For all other deviations from our behavior policy, the following steps will be taken in this order:

  1. The student will be spoken to about ways to resolve conflict.
  2. The student will complete a behavior journal.
  3. A conference with parents, student and staff will attempt to resolve the issue.
  4. Removal of privilege of attending Learn Beyond The Book if steps 1, 2, and 3 fail without any refunds.


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I understand and agree with the Learn Beyond the Book Behavior Policy


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