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Spongebob Academy

What really goes on in Spongebob’s world under the sea?  We will find out in this class that will have a lot of hands-on Oceanography and other Spongebob related topics.

There will also be a fieldtrip to an aquarium combined with a beach cleanup volunteer service in late September.

In this class, we will learn about the different animals and habitats under the ocean and our part in keeping it in good condition.  We will sometimes cook a little (make our own Krabby Patties and a few other delicacies), we will play games, like Dolphin Splash and we will also dissect a few animals, like crabs and squid.  We will even learn a little bit about mythology, when we learn about King Neptune.

Proposed syllabus (subject to change)

Week 1: Oceans of the world & the different underwater habitats, tides, waves.

Week 2: Spongebob – sponges – what would be the problem with a sponge under the sea? Do experiment to show, sponge art, as well as make our own little Spongebobs out of sponges to live in a pineapple house, study pineapples, pineapple snacks

Week 3: Mr Crabs – Crabs & his whale daughter, Pearl – study crabs & whales

Week 4: Patrick – sea stars

Week 5: Sandy – study Texas, squirrels

Week 6: Squidward – study squid & related sea creatures

Week 7: Jellyfish hunting – study jellyfish

Week 8: Mrs. Puff – study pufferfish & related sea creatures

Week 9: Plankton – study plankton

Week 10: Gary the Snail – study snails & slugs

Week 11: King Neptune – study the mythology behind the name and also the planet Neptune

Week 12: Larry the Lobster, Mermaid man and barnacle boy

Week 13: Islands, Underwater volcanoes & tsunamis

Week 14: Patchy the Pirate, Flying Dutchman, Potty the Parrot

Week 15: Our relationship & responsibilities with the ocean & Review game show


Teacher: Sonia Wike

Pricing: See Pricing chart

Non-refundable materials fee: $35

Ages: 5-8 yo.

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