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Self-directed Student Projects

Does your student ever think of a project that just seems to be too big to accomplish or they don’t know where to start with it?  Maybe they don’t know where to find resources to help them or they don’t have the right equipment to make it happen.  Maybe they just need to set aside the time to work on it.
In these 3 hours they will have focused time to work on their projects and share it with friends.  They will have the instructor there to guide them and keep them on track for progress on their projects, plus guide them towards resources that can help them.  The projects might be programming related or maybe it’s learning about another topic.  Jonny, the instructor, has a wide base of knowledge about various topics from poetry to programming.  Come make some progress on your dreams.
Previous student projects include: a drone flight simulator, a Star Trek adventure game, a Mario-playing AI, a homework-solving bot, a weather simulation, a personal assistant, a 2D video game, and more!
Since this is a highly project-based class, expect students to have a low to moderate amount of project-focused homework each week!  This is just a springboard for them for the rest of the week to work on their self-directed projects.

Students should bring their laptops to class each week.

Since the teacher is also involved in multiple outside projects, he wanted to clarify that he might have to occasionally reschedule a class or do a class via tele-conferencing, but of course would minimize this as much as possible.

Ages: 13+yo.

Prerequisite: Students need to have a good amount of self-motivation and a project idea to enroll in this class.  Good reading skills are also a must.

Teacher: Jonny Hyman

Cost: $562.50 for 3 hour class

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