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Science of Aviation: Weather, Physics & Aerodynamics (14+yo.)

In this class we will explore the wide-range of Sciences and practical theories of Aviation! From Meteorology, to Aerodynamics, Combustion, and more.  We will go into depth learning about these things which all licensed pilots, engineers, and meteorologists (weathermen) know about regarding aircraft and the environments they fly in!

This is the perfect class for anyone interested in airplanes, becoming a pilot, or the weather and the environment that we all live in!

Check with your charter school if your student is interested in taking this class for elective credit.  This class could be listed as “small group tutoring” for high schoolers if they are enrolled in approved online courses that they are taking for elective credit, such as BYU’s Meteorology course (Earth 055)  http://is.byu.edu/site/courses/description.cfm?title=EARTH-055-200

The class will be discounted to $160 for students with proof of enrollment in a BYU course for credit.

Teacher: Jonny Hyman,  an FAA licensed private pilot

Ages: 14+yo.

Cost: See pricing chart

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