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Research-based Happiness and Coping Skills

The ability to cope with life’s stress, navigate relationships, and meet personal goals can be vital to both happiness and success in life. Many people said, “There should be a class for this in school,” and now there is! This course is designed to help middle-school students to learn and practice the basic for help-mastery. This means not only traditional goal-setting and self-care, but skills and habits that have been found by research to promote increased levels of happiness and life satisfaction for the decades to come. Taught by an experienced teacher who has a master’s degree in Counseling, a (by this fall) doctorate in Psychology, and has written a book on the subject that has been translated into multiple languages, this course can help students to build knowledge and habits to increase their happiness and productivity for life. It will focus on:


  • Research-Based Happiness Skills
  • Coping Skills Coaching
  • Emotional Self-Care
  • Goal-Setting
  • Relationship and Communication Skills
  • Building Habits of All Types, and more!


This is a perfect age for students to start building awareness in this area and practicing these skills in a supportive environment with a helpful and knowledgeable guide. For older students who are interested, this class may be a good fit, or the Student Council classes may work well too, as many of these skills are covered and practiced in those courses as well.

About the Teacher:

Lizzie Scott is an author, teacher, trained counselor, wellness coach, and mother who has worked with kids for many years and knows what helps them grow as students and as people. She has taught and coached these skills for years and loves supporting people of all ages to become their best selves.

Ages: 9-12yo.

Cost: See pricing chart

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