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Math & Logic Through Games

In these classes, we will group kids in ability levels.  Each level will work on a different set of skills and students will move on when ready.   The first level is Place Value, Addition & Subtraction.  The second level involves Mutiplication & Division, Decimals, %, and Fractions as well as Integers (negative numbers) and then the next level will be Pre-Algebra and beyond.

If students already have a math curriculum they would like to work on with the teacher, they can bring it in, but if not, we will provide a curriculum.  Each student will work at their own level and at their own speed and the teacher will be going around the room doing small group tutoring with these students.

The classes will all include a period of time to play some Math & Logic games.

Ages: 5+yo.

Teacher: Kirk Watanabe

Cost: See pricing chart

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