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Homeschooling High School College Prep Seminar

Youtube link

(Please know that the actual meeting only resumes at 11:25 minutes on the video and for the first 20 minutes it doesn’t show the speaker, sorry I forgot to switch the screen before I started speaking, but you can hear everything and all the hand-outs that we used are below)

Handout about different ways to homeschool through high school and resources available to all high schoolers

High School Information Meeting handout

Links to the meaning of A-G from University of California

When is A-G important?  If you are applying as a freshman to a UC or CSU.  Out of state, private and transfer students have different rules.

When is SAT or ACT tests important?  If you are applying as a freshman to universities (public or private).  Some don’t care about it, but a good SAT/ACT score can never hurt to include on applications.  Transfer students most likely don’t need it.

What is a transfer student?  Transfer students already completed enough credits at the community college level or via CLEP and AP tests that they can transfer into a UC/CSU school as a junior.

High School Graduation Requirements from the CA Department of Education

High School Graduation Requirements for charter schools may differ, but here is what they normally are modeled after.

Link to private school affidavit, if you choose to do that route (should fill out Oct.1-15)

Details about the test to take to prove high school proficiency for those filing private school affidavit (not required): CHSPE 

Details about the Learn Beyond The Book College Prep Leadership Council

Presentation about CLEP tests

Julia, the presenter’s website: http://www.accelacademics.com

Julia Johnson – 661-733-7060

Email: contact@accelacademics.com

Presentation about the Common App