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Minecraft Mods with Java Programming

In this class students will learn how to Modify or Mod the game Minecraft® using the JAVA Programming language. They will create custom swords, tools, armor, foods, biomes and entities — that can be played and shared with friends. Each student will be working on an individual laptop and they will be able to interact and test their mods in the game Minecraft®. Students will take home a flash drive with their mod files on the last day of class.

Please note:
All the students need to be able to

1. read

2. they need to know how to create folders,

3. they must be able to highlight text, copy text, and paste text
4. they need to be on a PC (non-MAC).

Ages: 10+yo. – to enter level 2, students would have to already had level 1 class with Kim or get approved via an interview

Teacher: Kim Turney

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