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Having a hard time with a struggling reader? Frustrated because nothing seems to be working? Can’t figure out how to get your children to write anything without a fight? Wondering how in the world you’ll get your child to study a second language when you only know one?

You are not alone. It is one of the oldest struggles amongst homeschoolers. Plus these are some of the most fundamental skills that kids need to learn and it can cause quite a bit of stress on the parts of parents when nothing is working. Now there is help! There are several excellent classes being offered this Fall and every semester at Learn Beyond The Book to assist parents in their educational goals.

We have a native Spanish speaker to teach Spanish and an expert teacher (with a teaching credential including a special Reading certification) to assist with English Reading Fluency, Comprehension, and excellent Writing instruction. For the slightly older crowd of students, we also have Literature Discussions and Writing from a published author! We even have small group Reading Intensives to provide focused help with Reading issues.

Not only are these teachers excellent at their craft, but they are some of the kindest teachers I have ever met and as director, I am delighted to have them teaching my own children. Students will be learning these life-long skills in an emotionally safe environment where they can each progress and learn at their own pace in a non-threatening environment.

If you are wondering what there might be for your students this Fall, check out our weekly schedule.