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Math classes in Santa Clarita

Are you tired of trying to get down those multiplication tables and other Math facts, frustrated because the kids are finding it so dry and boring?  Do you find every day’s Math a battle to get through?  Or maybe you just feel like it could be more interesting?

If so, you are not alone at all.  Many homeschoolers find Math a challenging subject and they are ready to throw the towel in many days.  First it is challenging because it might not be the parent’s favorite subject.  However, in some cases where it is the parent’s favorite, they have a hard time teaching it and staying patient, because it all seems so easy to them and they can’t quite understand how it would be hard for anyone to remember it.  An even more common problem is that parents don’t realize how much repetition goes into Math before mastery will occur.

Sometimes all that is needed in there is a little fun, but it is sometimes hard to come up with something interesting to do when there are so many demands, so many subjects to cover and children at various levels of learning.

One option you might consider to alleviate this potential problem would be to join in on one of the Math classes offered at Learn Beyond The Book.  The Math teachers here love Math and love teaching it.  They’ve been doing it for years and know what it takes for kids to get it down.  Learn Beyond The Book offers Math classes covering all different levels, starting with Place Value, Addition & Subtraction.  Then there are classes forMultiplication & DivisionDecimals, Percentages & Fractions, Integers, Measurements, Word Problems, Pre-AlgebraAlgebra 1Geometry and Algebra 2.  If none of those interests you because you already own a Math curriculum that works well for your child, there are also other classes to change it up, like the Logic & Math Through Games class, plus this year we also plan to host a Math Bee for Santa Clarita.  We are so excited about that!  If you are more interested in applied Math, some Consumer Math classes (titled “Where’s the Money?”) for 2 different ages could be interesting to you and your students.

Feel free to check out our Fall schedule to see what else is offered.