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Learn Beyond The Book Academy Private School Department

Are you looking for a new type of private school?  Not all children learn the same way or at the same time.

Learn Beyond The Book Academy’s Private School thinks outside the box with:

  • Experiential, project-based, self-directed, and hands-on learning
  • Integrated leadership & team work
  • Small, interactive classes (max 12 students) focusing on mastery of concepts
  • Caring, respectful teachers who are passionate about their subject(s)
  • A supportive, loving community
  • Emotional Intelligence courses as part of the curriculum
  • Parent & student choices to fulfill requirements
  • Flexible schedules
  • Ability-based instruction with individualized attention
  • Fostering children’s innate love of learning
  • Encouraging critical thinking on every level
  • Learning real-life skills that can lead to careers
  • Non-denominational, secular curriculum
  • Not test-driven

You can have your burger, your steak, or your sandwich your way, why not have your child’s education customized as well?!

Cost: $12,000/year (monthly payment plan available)