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Helpful Homeschool Links

California Homeschool Network – gives lots of FAQ answers about homeschooling and the legalities

Learning Success Institute – Helps with children’s learning styles

Teachers Pay Teachers – Lesson plans developed by teachers

Enchanted Learning – Lesson plans and worksheet pages

Lesson Planet – Lesson plans and worksheet pages

Rainbow Resource Center – sells homeschool materials and has a huge, helpful catalog

Brainpop – Resource with short, entertaining videos on various topics

Homeschool Buyer’s Co-op – Special group discounts on curriculum for homeschoolers

Excellence in Education – Educational supply store in Monrovia

About.com Homeschooling

Currclick – Lots of lesson plans and many lapbook ideas and lessons

Stonesoup Homeschool Blog

Scratch – creative learning community

Spelling City – to help with spelling lists and make it a little more fun

Lots of free educational possibilities

Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) – for those not in a charter school

Free customizable bingo cards

KhanAcademy.org – for all kinds of courses – FREE

Tedx Talks

College Planning Experts on college affordability and a Homeschool Graduate Panel share their thoughts


Pros & Cons of Homeschooling by TeePeeJoy.com



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