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Writing for Science and Social Studies

From Machu Pichu to Katherine Johnson: Writing for Science and Social Studies in 4th-6th grades
A writing class for 4-6th graders. We will focus on learning to write essays starting with 1 paragraph, then quickly moving on to 3 paragraphs, and finally mastering the 5 paragraph essay. Topics will be drawn from various science and social studies topics. We will use books like Kid Presidents, Rebel Girls, etc to write our own paragraphs about interesting people in history. And we will practice finding our own sources for topics like the great Pyramid of Giza, the Saiga Antelope of the Mongolian Steppe, and the importance of crop rotation for soil health. Initially we will not worry too much about spelling and punctuation because we are just working to build confidence in getting ideas on paper. But by mid semester we will talk more and more about proper formatting, spelling, and punctuation.
Ages: 9+yo.
Teacher: Reese Coli
Cost: $225
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