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Wow! What a Strange Animal!

Wow, What a Strange Animal! Make a Book with Eleven Unusual Animals*

This class will be all about unusual animals from around the world.  Students will be doing short presentations of things they learn from their research.
There will also be games via Kahoot that will allow the learners to showcase their knowledge.

Learners will also be making their own book of weird animals. They will be presented with options for their book format, full-page or half-page.  They will be encouraged to also design their own cover or one will be provided. The worksheets they do will be bound into a book at the end of the class.
Each week, there will be a poll asking the students if they would like that animal as a pet. 

These are some of the questions the students will ask to discover the characteristics of the animals:
To what classification grouping does each animal belong: mammal, bird, fish, reptile, amphibian, or some type of invertebrate?
Is the animal an herbivore, a carnivore, or an omnivore?
Is the animal a predator of other animals or is it prey?  Is it both predator and prey?
What is the habitat of this animal?
Does this animal have any exceptional adaptations to allow it to live in its environment?
How does this animal reproduce?

Teacher: Debbie Woolsey

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