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World Geography

Continents, countries, islands, oceans and seas… we are going to touch

on them all. We will take the globe in sections and travel today’s world

learning about distance, altitude, populations, language, government (or

the lack of), flags and borders. Just how far does it take to travel by

plane to Japan? How many dialects are spoken in Italy? Where exactly

do the Inuit live? Why was Greenland given it’s name and what’s up with

the Canadian border? These and many more questions will be

answered and we will try to touch on as many things as we can.

We will look at longitude and latitude, true North and Magnetic North,

and sea levels. I will do my best to get the kids to adopt an appreciation

for the size of our magnificent planet.  We will also study cultures in the different places we visit.


Ages: 9-12yo.

Teacher: Lisa Furry

Cost: See pricing chart

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