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Winnie the Pooh (Fall)/Beatrix Potter (Spring) Literature Studies

Language Arts with Winnie the Pooh (Autumn Study)  

8 weeks, 1hr. classes  

ageages 5-8 and 9-11 

While this language arts class will center around A.A. Milne’s original Winnie the Pooh  chapter book, it will certainly be full of engaging topics and activities that will appeal to  older ages, inspiring and guiding them to grow in their love for great literature and also  in sharpening their language arts skills. This class will include nature study, simple arts  and crafts, and an introduction to literary devices and poetry. Children will find the  seeds of poems in their natural, everyday voices. Come join us for this perfect autumn  study! 

Language Arts with The House at Pooh Corner (Autumn Study)  8 weeks, 1hr. classes  

ages 5-8 and 9-11  

The House at Pooh Corner is A.A. Milne’s second collection of Pooh stories, which is  where we are first introduced to Tigger. While many typically equate Pooh and the  Hundred Acre Wood with toddler stories promoted by Disney, you might be pleasantly  surprised to find how much more is offered to kids in A.A. Milne’s unabridged Pooh  stories with a rich vocabulary and depth in character development and sentence  structure. This class will continue to delve into nature study of animals and plants while  diving deeper into language arts with literary devices and poetry. Most have heard of  Winnie the Pooh, but few have read the originals. No childhood should be without  Pooh!  

Language Arts with Beatrix Potter (Spring Study)  

16 weeks 1hr. classes  

ages 7-12

The magical world of Beatrix Potter is where engaged learning and sweet memories  are formed. This class will offer a book club-like approach that will be fun and engaging  for children, while also paying off in huge educational dividends. This Language Arts  with Beatrix Potter class offers you an opportunity to infuse your homeschool with  something extra special—a fun and engaging way to learn and grow in many different  skill areas such as language arts and critical thinking. Students will also be gently  encouraged in developing their writing and public speaking skills through this  multisensory and creative class. Here’s what’s involved:  

1. Read the story  

2. Write and draw in the notebook—poem, sketch, new vocabulary, literary devices  (similes, metaphors, etc…)  

3. Make a craft—the basic activity will include a simple printable to use with markers,  but for the more hands-on and craft-loving kids, there will be additional (and optional)  activity, craft, and snack suggestions to do and enjoy during the week.

Teacher: Hosanna Rodriguez

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