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Who is LBB University for?

LBB University is for self-motivated, self-directed students who would like to interact with caring and passionate mentors, get their degree done and get moving on with their careers. We have several tracks, depending on where you’re at in your educational journey. Classes have rolling start dates (start whenever you’re ready), are self-paced – online, recorded lectures, message boards, assignments that interact with people, and office hour meetings with mentors at a mutually convenient time. There will be lots of opportunities for online connection between students as well for example everyone will be invited to research project presentations

Track One: Students who are determined to be done with both field of interest and liberal arts components (for instance, they have an AA and have worked in the field for years!) will merely need to test out of 6 core classes and be “observed in their natural environment” e.g. someone with their own, successful business who would like to have a degree in Economics/Finance. They would be able to test out of the 6 courses and we will require a portfolio of their business and visit the business and observe how it’s run and it could be counted as their final project and a degree could be awarded after the department chair is satisfied that course work has been covered. If the department chair feels any other courses are needed, it will be discussed at that point and can be completed by the student.

Track Two: Students who have an AA or are ready to transfer to upper division courses at a university. These students will need to take 6 core classes (18 credits) or test out of the ones they feel they have mastered or completed. Then they potentially will have customized course recommendation on or off-site, and then will need to complete a research project or internship (12 credits) determined by collaboration with mentors. Assignments/research projects will be assigned for major coursework and self-study with progress reports would be assigned.

Track Three: Students who have tons of practical field experience, but no college background who will be observed in their natural environment and has to complete the 6 core classes.

Track Four: If students come with a Bachelor’s Degree, we will customize a Master’s Degree program that will include self-study and both an internship and research project.

Track 5: Students with a Master’s Degree from LBB University or another accredited institution who want to pursue a PhD in any of the disciplines where it is offered.