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Where’s The Money (5-11yo.)

This class is all about learning through doing and interacting.  You can call it boot camp for the real world in terms of money.  Come play “Store” and learn how to work with money effortlessly.  Come study the basics of economics & how it affects your personal finances in a way that anyone can understand with lots of hands-on demonstrations.  Learn to budget and keep records of where your money went by coming up with your own budget in class. Brainstorm ideas for possibly earning money.  Study savings, inflation, supply and demand, income and expenses.  Understand how banks, ATM cards & credit cards work.  Learn what a check book is and what we use it for.  We will employ games for some of the learning too, for example, “Pay Day”, “Allowance”, “Charge It” and “Cashflow for Kids”.  We will also work on developing our own small businesses and have an Entrepreneur Day where we’ll display our goods and services.

Teacher: Elmarie Hyman

Cost: Please see pricing chart

Materials fee: $30

Ages: 5-11 yo.

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