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Western Civ/US History – college course linked

Erin Donovan will help those enrolled in these 2 x 8-week back to back online college classes to think through their assignments, help to work on it and be a support as they work through it all together with their peers.  At the end of this class, students should be able to earn their full year high school a-g and college credit for Western Civ(World History) and US History as they finish the college courses.

The college courses are:

History 1 – Western Civ

19002 V07-LEC
8 Week A
7Hr 25Min /Wk TBA Valley-INTERNET Michelle Lewis 02/04/2019 – 03/27/2019

History 11 – US History

24320 V14-LEC
8 Week B
6Hr 30Min /Wk TBA Valley-INTERNET Daniella Hovsepian 04/08/2018 – 06/03/2018

Ages: High school students

Teacher: Erin Donovan

Cost: See pricing chart

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