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Web of Life/Life from Cells to Systems

In this exciting hands-on Quest in Science course, students will become young
scientists as they are introduced to the Earth’s biosphere, the thin, fragile shell of life
that surrounds our planet, and the kife that exists within it. Students will study the
biosphere by breaking it up into ecosystems and explore the complex relationship
between the biotic and abiotic factors that exists within them. Students will experiment
with photosynthesis, model energy flow in a food web, examine the food chain by
dissecting an owl pellet, and study decomposers both macroscopically and
microscopically. This stimulating course will explore topics in Biology by learning to use
a microscope, examining plant and animal cells, conducting respiration experiments,
simulating food digestion, observing how body systems work together in organisms and
examining the life cycles of organisms.Throughout the semester, students work together

in small lab groups to perform experiments, test hypotheses, and gather and record
data. They will keep a science folder for all their work related to our science studies that
will go home with them each week and can be used for their evidence of science for
your records!

Teacher: Quest in Science

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