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We Built a Zoo

Not only will the kids be learning about different animals in a zoo, they will be designing a real zoo!  Charlie Sammut is turning his wild animal compound in Modesto into a zoo. Let’s help him get there, by creating models, for planning and raising funds, to make dreams come true. Through this process, learn all about how to take care of a wide variety of wild and exotic animals — some you may never have heard of. How are we going to feed them? How is a vet going to be able to care for them. What other animals might they get along with? What kind of plants do they live among? Where are they going to sleep? How do we keep them happy and fulfilled?

Bring your laptop/tablet to class for even more fun and learning, if you have one available!

The class will be at 11:15-12:45 on Tuesdays, starting Feb.26.

Teacher: Elizabeth Johnson

Price: $135.

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