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We built a zoo!

We love project based learning, and this class has got that, and more! Students build zoo enclosures for the animal of their choice. Some of the topics they will cover include: determining the psychological and biological needs of the animal, designing entrances and exits, cleaning protocol, vet protocol, nutrition needs, prep and system for feeding, mathematically calculating areas to make sure they are of legal size, researching state and federal law, as well as consulting with regulatory agencies such as the AZA and AAZPA,  and so much more. They will also learn model building techniques, either in 3-d or constructing scale models. They will evaluate and document their process to help for future zoo designers. Students will be required to bring in their own model materials. They are encouraged to use found objects to represent elements in their models. Students will never look at a zoo the same way again!

Teacher: Elizabeth Johnson

Cost: Please see pricing chart

Materials fees: $35 and their own model materials.

Ages: 9+ yo.

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