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Ways to take free classes at Learn Beyond The Book

Two Ways To Take FREE Classes at Learn Beyond The Book

1. Join Inspire Charter School

Choose up to Six Classes for FREE each Semester.  You are also able to substitute some classes for tutoring.  (No more purchase orders to obtain!)

Learn Beyond The Book is excited to announce our new partnership with Inspire charter school, a free public charter school.  Our program is classified as a Gold-level Enrichment Program or a specialty program. In our hybrid Learn Beyond The Book-Inspire homeschooling program, all Inspire students can choose up to six LBB classes per week for an entire school year.  Classes can be chosen from any of our course listings and tutoring can replace some class slots (ask for details). All Inspire charter students will be assigned a credentialed teacher (our first teacher is Kelli Mejia) who will be on site regularly to help put together a unique student centered educational plan and meet with parents. State testing for LBB-Inspire students will be held at our Learn Beyond The Book facility.

For a little more detail, you can also read this article.

For more information about Inspire and to register please contact learnbeyondthebook@gmail.com or register online.  When you register online at Learn Beyond The Book, list Inspire as your school in the “school” field.


2.  If you don’t want to use your funds exclusively at Learn Beyond The Book, join one of the following charter schools and choose your classes (based on their funding) and submit a purchase order with your school.  Parents can also pay out of pocket for classes not covered by charter funds.

Learn Beyond the Book is a vendor for :

* Inspire Charter School

* Sky Mountain Charter School

* Golden Valley Charter School

* Gorman Learning Center

* Excel Academy

* SCVi

* Sage Oak Charter School

* Ilead Lancaster

* Ilead Exploration

* Albert Einstein Academy

* Missionview Charter School

* In process to become a vendor for Summit Academy

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