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Watercolor Magic

Class begins with circle time which includes singing, movement and/or verse. Each day will have a theme that will be explored during the watercolor time which takes place after circle time and starts with a story presented…it will be as simple as the story of Yellow feeling all alone until one day, Blue appears and becomes friends with Yellow…more advanced would be painting a horizon and a sky and where they meet paint a rising Sun.

The painting will use wet on wet technique which allows the children to enjoy Process without an emphasis on Product or end results.  The Fluidity of the Wet on Wet process is calming and very meditative.

Next there will be time allowed for games to get up and move about the room. And finally a candle will be lit and a story told that will elaborate upon the theme of the watercolors.

Ages: 5-8yo.

Teacher: John Parcher

Cost: See pricing chart

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