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Waldorf-inspired Math Games

The WALDORF MATH GAMES class is designed to supplement and enhance the Waldorf homeschool math curriculum in grades 1 – 3, and will offer a playful, active way to reinforce the concepts taught at home. The class will follow the usual “Main Lesson” structure, and will include elements such as Movement; Recitation of relevant verses or poems; Mental agility games: probably mental math tailored to the students’ abilities; Bean bags – rhythmical, math-in-movement; We will remember, review, and record the previous class by drawing, or writing, or drawing number patterns in a ‘Games Journal’.

Concepts covered will be the four processes – number sense, pattern recognition, rhythm, stories.

The main body of the class will be devoted to introducing new activities, both individual and cooperative (but not competitive!!) and building on previously learned games with new variations, and will include both large motor and fine motor activities. The games I use are flexible according to the students’ varying levels.
Each class will conclude with a number-related story.

Ages: 6-8yo.

Teacher: Elizabeth Seward

Cost: $320

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