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Volunteer Squad

What is Volunteer Squad?

Volunteer Squad is a club for homeschoolers/homeschooling families who are interested in volunteer opportunities in our community.  They will raise money, volunteer and donate handmade and store bought items to organizations in need.

Who can participate?

Any homeschooler/homeschooling family.  Children 12 and older may participate in the meetings and volunteer activities without a parent present.  Those under the age of 12 must have a parent or another adult responsible for them at all functions. We will try to only participate in events that allow all ages, but occasionally an organization may have age restrictions.

When will we meet?

We will usually meet 2 times per month – more often if necessary right before an event.  Squad members are encouraged to come to as many meetings as possible, however attendance is not mandatory and you may participate when able.

Day and time to be determined and may change each semester.  It most likely will be right before the social clubs twice a month.

Where will we meet?

Elmarie and Learn Beyond the Book have generously offered the use of their space for our meetings.  We may occasionally meet at other locations to do community service/volunteer work

What will we do?

Volunteer Squad will help 2 organizations a year – 1 per semester – with donations, fundraisers, volunteering at an event, etc.  We are starting with The Brittany Foundation – a dog rescue organization located in Agua Dulce.  Next semester we will focus on St. Baldrick’s since we already have homeschoolers in our community that participate in their fundraising efforts.

At the meetings, we will prepare for whichever project we are working on that semester.  For instance we might be making posters for an event.  Or we could be making items to sell at a boutique to raise money.  Or brainstorming ideas for letters to send out to get sponsors, making items needed for a project, listening to a guest speaker from the organization, etc.

How much will it cost?

We will try to keep the costs to a minimum.  The idea is to fundraise for and/or get donations of the things we will need.  I would like to stay away from having the parents come up with money for each project.  Some families may wish to contribute supplies or money for a particular project on an optional basis.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

 Marla Leighton – email at theL8ns@yahoo.com or text/call 661-373-5577