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Volunteer Opportunities

Short-term and time-sensitive opportunities:

  • Please join Family Love Village for our annual Playdate for a Cause focused on gathering items for those in need. We encourage your children, if they are open to the idea, to pick a gently used item from their home (books, toys, and/or clothes) that they would like to wrap for a homeless child. As part of our EAKK! (EcoArt Kids Kollectiv!) program, we will be wrapping these gifts with our kiddos with eco-friendly wrapping materials. We also ask for your donations of the items below and we impart upon our children the importance of generosity by wrapping and decorating the gifts with creativity and love. We will playfully and intentionally wrap, color, and paint gifts with our children. Please drop donation items off at The Yogi Tree during this week, or bring them to the event on Sunday Dec 11. We are feeling passionately called to send TLC kits to the water protectors in North Dakota, as well as the local homeless population.

For Standing Rock, they are needing  items such as: subzero sleeping bags, snow goggles, firewood.

For the homeless TLC kits, we need:

– New socks-travel soaps, tooth brushes, tooth paste
-blankets and towels
-tampons and pads
-hand warmers
Thank you!

To Get more details and to RSVP, go to: https://www.facebook.com/events/322485254811526/
  • Volunteer Art Apprentices needed!  If you want to learn what it is like to create a giant mural, this is your opportunity to work as an apprentice  with artist and LBTB Facilitator Elizabeth Rydall, December 19January 9 on a mural at Helmer’s Elementary School. Students 13 and older will be considered.
    Please  email me your request at elizabeth.rydall@scvi-k12.org



  • For anyone that is interested in “hand to hand” donations to the areas of Skid Row where families are, Outside the Box in Woodland Hills (located on DeSoto and Ventura over by the Target) runs OPERATION SKID ROW and will take anything except furniture.  Octavia encourages you to bring even the rags and towels that are falling apart.  The only downside is they don’t have a drop area, you have to bring it in during their business hours.  http://otbee.com/humanitarian-work/
  • Kids Make a Difference
  • Civil Air Patrol (USAF AUX) has programs for adults and kids!  Civil Air Patrol is the civilian volunteer auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force that provides three congressionally mandated programs for America:
    – Cadet Programs, Aerospace Education, Emergency Services

During emergencies, CAP has been there since 1941! S.T.E.M. activities, encampments, and leadership skills!

Meetings happen all throughout America.  Parents: https://www.capmembers.com/cadet_programs/parents/

Questions?  1Lt. BJ Lange, CAP