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Rewinding History ­- The United States of America

Rick, one of the biggest History enthusiasts I’ve ever met and a credentialed teacher, will be covering US History from our inception till today in a bird’s eye-view perspective, since this class is only 1 semester.  If you would like to have a good grasp of all the big events in US History, this is the class for you!

Rewinding History ­ The United States of America

In sixteen session we will attempt to survey, starting with the present and working back,

the personalities and incidents which are requisite for cultural literacy, as well as an opportunity to appreciate the many blessings, privileges and responsibilities of being an American citizen.  We will touch on the explorers, inventors, architects, and artists as well as the politicians.  Geography

will be a component, and videos will be used throughout the course.  Current conflicts will be

discussed as well as all past wars, including the Cold War.  The partial list below of other topics

will give some idea of the scope of this class.

New Deal

Great Depression


The West

War Between the States

Second Great Awakening

Gold Rushes and Silver Lodes

Lewis and Clark


Our Constitution and Bill of Rights

First Great Awakening


Spanish Exploration

The French


Vikings and others

There will be optional additional historical reading for those interested.

Teacher: Rick Hood

Cost: Please see pricing chart

Materials fee: $40

Age: 13+yo.

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