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Upper Elementary Literature Arts

In this class, we will be reading the Newberry Medal Award and National Book Award winning novel “Holes,” by Louis Sachar.  We will take an in-depth approach to studying the story of “Holes,” which centers on Stanley Yelnats, a boy who is wrongly accused  of a crime and sent to a juvenile detention camp where he meets a variety of interesting characters.  This class combines critical and creative thinking, new vocabulary, sentence construction and grammar, and creative hands-on projects tied into the story’s themes that support different learning styles.  We will be using some concepts from the Moving Beyond the Page curriculum during our studies. This is a captivating and darkly humorous tale of punishment and redemption that will stay with you long after the book ends!

REQUIREMENTS: Students MUST be able to read and write independently.  Please have a copy of the book (“Holes” by Louis Sachar) and  a one-subject spiral notebook available to bring to the first class.

Teacher: Erika F.

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