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Upcycling T-shirts

Give old t-shirts and sweatshirts new life! In this hands-on class, you’ll learn to make hip new clothes and accessories using easy no-sew and low-sew techniques. Ages 8 and up.

Required tools and materials: Fabric shears, rotary cutter and mat (optional), permanent fabric markers, pins, tailor’s chalk, ruler, and 1 large trash bag. Bring 1 men’s size large or X-large t-shirt to first class. Additional t-shirt/sweatshirt requirements include 5-7 more t-shirts, plus 1 – 2 long sleeve sweatshirts. (Raid your family closets or the thrift store. Graphics, small holes and stains are OK! Full details will be discussed in first class.)

Ages: 8+yo.

Teacher: Angelia Robinson

Cost: $300

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