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Typing & Creative Writing

Typing and Creative Writing

Welcome to Typing and Creative Writing!

In this class, we will be using Tipp10 to teach 10-finger typing while incorporating creative writing prompts and activities. All students will need to bring a laptop to class. If you do not own  a laptop, we could help, but we need to know ahead of time.

Quite a bit goes into well-crafted writing, and as students progress in their studies, several skills become increasingly important. This class is designed to help writers hone their abilities in these areas:
• Keyboarding speed and accuracy
• Correct fingering on the keyboard
• Correcting common writing errors (homophones, commonly misspelled words, common grammar errors)
• Creative writing practice (creating short stories quickly)

Each class will include some keyboarding practice, a lesson to improve writing abilities, and some in-class time to develop these skills or work on general writing practice. Most lessons will include games to reinforce learning in an engaging and memorable way.

Ages: 8+yo.

Teacher: Kalee Kellough

Cost: Please see pricing chart

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