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Tutoring & Homework Help

You can request private violin lessons, piano lessons, tutoring services or homework help in any time slot where there is an available room.

You can receive these from any of our highly qualified teachers/tutors listed below.  If your child has homework from other homeschool classes or even work that you have a hard time to inspire them to do at home, a tutor could be the answer.

Our tutors utilize games and activities that might help even reluctant students to get their work done quickly and efficiently.  They are all trained in their field of tutoring.

This could be entered into by appointment with the tutor and in coordination with Elmarie to ensure there is a room available.  Email learnbeyondthebook@gmail.com if you are interested in any of these music lessons or available tutors.

If more than one student needs e.g. Math help in the same time slot, students could also choose to enter a semi-private tutoring situation that will reduce your cost.

Private tutoring is $45/hour

Semi Private tutoring is $25/hour (no more than 2-3 kids)

Tutors available:


Elmarie Hyman, Gracie Tauch, Kathy Reynar, Erin Bennett

English, Literature, Writing, Reading:

Cindy Dominguez, Kathy Reynar, Erin Bennett, Sarah Peterson


Gracie Tauch, Erin Bennett


Cindy Dominguez, Erin Bennett


Michael Lyn


Wendy Bricht


Wendy Bricht