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To Infinity & Beyond: High School Astronomy

When we pointed USA’s Hubble Telescope in the darkest part of the sky, it found dozens and dozens of galaxies… The universe is a boundless, incredible, unlikely, fantastic place, where a lot of cool – strange stuff happens.

This class will focus on some of the most fantastic things humans have discovered in astronomy. Focusing on why, and how the laws of physics and all the other sciences connect with the universe, and how they create the phenomena of the universe.

We’ll use Kerbal Space Program to understand how orbits work (but Kerbal is not a big focus of this class, see Kerbal Space Program class for that), and we’ll explore the solar system through various means. We’ll also take a look at the entire history of time – as we know it – to better understand the formation of the universe, learning from the macro-scale up to parallel universes, and yet to the micro-scale of the processes that occurred to form the universe as we know it.

This class only starts on March 1

Teacher: Jonny Hyman

Ages: 13+yo.

Cost: $225

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