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The Spoken Word: Poetry from the Bard and Beyond

The first part of this course explores the canon of Western lyrical literature, focusing on the great poets and their influence upon history. As students study the works of poets like William Wordsworth, Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost, and T.S. Eliot, among others, they will learn to not only dissect the intricacies of rhetorical devices like metaphors, meter, and motifs, but how to use these techniques in their own creative expression as well.

The second semester focuses on the poetry of William Shakespeare’s plays, both in written and oral form. Students will use research of historical background and language of the Elizabethan text to support their discussions of the plays and different interpretations. In these discussions, students will analyze themes that affect modern culture just as profoundly as they did in past centuries, and study the relationship between written and spoken word.

Students will be assessed on their understanding through weekly discussions, in-depth analyses, personal poems, and scheduled essays.

Teacher: JuEunhae Knox

Ages: 13+

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