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TED Talks: Writing, Discussions & Personal Growth with TED Talks

TED Talks enable some of our society’s best minds to share their most important, life-changing ideas in an entertaining and easily-digestible format. These “ideas worth spreading” can really help us develop as people. This course is designed to harness the great ideas from some of the top TED Talks and help students really integrate these ideas into their own lives through engaging discussions and enriching writing projects. 

The writing projects will help students practice their essay-writing and creative writing skills while putting their reactions to these informative talks into well-structured essays and engaging pieces of creative writing. The discussions will help students digest the ideas and process how they apply to their own lives, while sharing ideas and connecting with other students. This class will be focused on building these skills while learning more about psychology, resilience, life satisfaction, personal development, leadership, and other important topics that can help teens grow into the best versions of themselves.  It will focus on:

  • Positive Psychology Topics
  • Relationship Topics
  • Leadership Topics
  • Personal Development Topics
  • Essay-Writing Skills
  • Creative Writing Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Discussions
  • Goal-Setting and more!

This is a great class for teens who want to learn more about personal growth topics from top experts while building their writing skills and connecting with others at the same time. This class is well-suited for online learning as well.

About the Teacher: Dr. Lizzie Scott is an author, teacher, trained counselor, wellness coach, and mother who has worked with kids for many years and knows what helps them grow as students and as people. She holds a doctorate in Psychology, has taught and coached these skills for many years, and loves supporting people of all ages to become their best selves. She is also an avid fan of Ted Talks.

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