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Summer Camps 2020

Join us for some exciting summer camps in Santa Clarita this summer! Small, specialty camps (no more than 12 students) provide for a great environment to learn new skills all summer long, while having a great time with friends!

Pick from the list below to register for your favorite 2020 Summer Camp in Santa Clarita!

June 15-199:30am-12:30pmLego Engineering (5-8yo.) – Mackenzie
June 15-199:30am-12:30pmWelcome to Hogwarts! Harry Potter Camp (8+yo) – Tiffany
June 15-191:00-4:00pmStorytelling with Dungeons & Dragons (10+yo.)-Mackenzie
June 15-191:00-4:00pmFitness & Nutrition camp (5+yo.) Tiffany
June 22-269:30am-12:30pmPhotography & Photo Editing (8+yo.) -Michael
June 22-269:30am-12:30pmSongwriting Camp (8+yo.) – Annalia
June 22-261:00-4:00pmArt Adventures (9+yo.) – Camryn
June 22-261:00-4:00pmActing & Improv games (8+yo.) – Mackenzie
June 29-July 39:30am-12:30pmChef Camp: Holistic Nutrition & Cooking Workshops  (10+yo.) – Alicia
June 29-July 39:30am-12:30pmLego Robotics (5-8yo.) – Mackenzie
June 29-July 31:00-4:00pmIntroduction to Painting (9+yo.) – Camryn
June 29-July 31:00-4:00pmJunior Scientists (5+yo.) – Aimee
July 6-109:30am-12:30pmChef Camp: Holistic Nutrition & Cooking Workshops (5-10yo.) – Alicia
July 6-109:30am-12:30pmIntro to Computer Programming in Python (10+yo.) – Chris
July 6-109:30am-12:30pmMusical Theater Camp (9+yo.) – Annalia
July 6-101:00-4:00pmIntroduction to Painting (5-9yo.) – Camryn
July 6-101:00-4:00pmResearch-based Happiness Skills (10+) – Lizzie
July 6-101:00-4:00pmVideo Game Development (10+yo.) – Chris
July 13-179:30am-12:30pm3D Design & Printing (10+yo.) – Chris
July 13-179:30am-12:30pmGrowth Mindset/Emotional Intelligence (8+yo.) – Erika
July 13-171:00-4:00pmElectronics & Arduino Projects (10+yo.) – Chris
July 20-249:30am-12:30pmEngineering Projects (9-12yo.) – Michael
July 20-249:30am-12:30pmStory Book Cooking (5+yo.) – Alicia
July 20-241:00-4:00pmArt Adventures (5-8yo.) – Camryn
July 27-309:30am-12:30pmInternational Summer Cooking (10+yo.) – Michael
July 27-309:30am-12:30pmCupcake decorating (5+yo.) – Terri
July 27-301:00-4:00pmEtiquette & Good Manners (8+yo.) – Terri
July 27-301:00-4:00pmScience through Stories (5+yo.) – Aimee
Aug.3-79:30am-12:30pmMovies by You! (8+yo.)- Michael
Aug.3-79:30am-12:30pmCake Decorating (5-8yo.) – Paige 
Aug.3-71:00-4:00pmCake Decorating  (9+yo.) – Paige
Aug.3-71:00-4:00pmFun with Math & Logic Games (9+yo.) – Lizzie
Aug.10-141:00-4:00pmOil Painting for adults – Camryn

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