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Study Grammar with Minecraft

Is your student still in need of more practice with punctuation, capitalization and knowing the different parts of speech?  Do you want their vocabulary to increase?

We even learn some common idioms and figures of speech.  We’ll focus on common mistakes when using apostrophes and homophones.

This class is for them.  We will be learning these basic things as well as tons of Greek and Latin Root words to decipher some bigger words comprised of these root words.

All this will be accomplished mainly through fun, but educational activities and games e.g. Rummy Roots, Sentence Builder, Punctuation Bingo, and many more.

The last 30 minutes of each class they will be asked to do projects on a Minecraft account, such as building a scene from one of the idioms, or building articles made up of the root words combined into a word, just to get their creative minds engaged as well learning all this.

Requirements: Students will need to bring a laptop with Minecraft installed to class.  They will not be playing on a server, but just building their projects on their own Minecraft version and then sharing it with other students at the end of class.

Teacher: Elmarie Hyman

Ages: 9-12yo.

Cost: Please see pricing chart

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