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Student Leadership Council and Newsletter Class

One common concern for high school students who choose to learn outside of the traditional high school environment is that they may not be able to join (and start) clubs, hold leadership positions, and gain volunteer hours and letters of recommendation that will make them stronger applicants for college. Some students in this situation also worry that they may not possess the study skills to excel in college classes, whether they choose to take community college courses as high school students or want to be working at a high level for when they attend a 4-year university. Another concern is finding a supportive community of like-minded teens. This course has been created to fill these needs.This course/council provides a wonderful opportunity for high school students who are interested in developing life skills and study skills, building community, honing their writing or photography skills, potentially holding office in the student council, and earning other experience that can prepare them for success as a high schooler and potential college applicant. It provides valuable workshops, activities, and experiences that can help with personal success in high school and community college coursework in addition to success in life during and beyond high school. At the same time, we will be sending out a newsletter that is intended to inform, entertain, and build community, which is particularly important during these isolating times. The class consists of workshops, discussions, readings on personal development and leadership, and a writing component. There will be some homework as well. Ultimately, this class will help students practice their writing skills and leadership abilities, create healthy new habits, learn more about themselves and their goals in life, and have several activities on their resume’ to help prepare for further high school and college success. Among other things, this class will include help with the following: 

  • A Mix of  Lessons to Teach Study Skills
  • Activities to Put Those Skills Into Action
  • A Focus on Goal-Setting and Goal-Attainment
  • Potential Creation of Clubs
  • Writing Practice and/or Photography
  • Leadership, Communication Skills, and Conflict Resolution

One of the main benefits of this course is to allow the opportunity for student leadership and to help students gain experiences that they may not be able to find outside of traditional high school. Also, this course may be taken as an elective for high school credit–talk to us about it!Note:  This class is usually taught in conjunction with a class on college preparation, which should begin in early high school and consist of college choice exploration, college essay practice, developing a college plan, racking and tracking volunteer hours, creating a signature project, and more–ask us about this if you are interested!About the Teacher:Dr. Lizzie Scott is a professional writer who has taught writing classes for many years. She has worked with high school students for many years as well and this experience, along with her advanced degrees in counseling and psychology, enable her to understand how to help high schoolers grow as students and as people. She has personal experience with helping high school seniors through the process of successful college applications and knows what is required for them to have an edge. On a personal note, both her kids have taken many community college classes as high schoolers and received high grades, and she knows what helps the most.

Ages: 13+yo.

Teacher: Lizzie Scott

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